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Someone knows it as attendance tracking app, others as virtual badge or online badge. However, few people know that between the “cards to collect attendance” and the “attendance tracking app” there are substantial differences. In any way people want to call it, the timecard arose from the need of controlling and managing workers’ behaviour, and there’s not only one type of badge to clock in.

So, buckle you up and out into reverse, today we will explore the origins of timecard, beloved by bosses and feared by workers all around the world. Actually, this article is addressed to bosses, but even if you are an employee, you will surprisingly find out that also employees can benefit from the use of the timecard. Are you ready?


At the beginning there was the timesheet, then the magnetic card, user-friendly but by now obsolete…

The traditional timecards (attendance tracking card), also called electronic badges, are based on a technology defined at short distance and without mistakes. They only need to be swiped on the badge reader to track the attendances. Moreover, these cards can be customised with the company logo, as well as with the employee’s name.

Therefore, if you have a company and you have to manage the movements of your employees together with the entries and exits of the guests, it seems you found the perfect solution for you. Are you sure?

What does it happen, if the badge reader breaks down or if it doesn’t work properly?

It would be a big problem, wouldn’t it? An indefinite period of time without knowing and managing the movements of your employees.

Here the solution: a virtual badge, an attendance tracking app that does not need any reader, which tracks the staff entries, ensuring at the same time higher security for the company structure.

The attendance tracking app with badge to clock in, together with an excellent management software, will allow you to count easily the working hours and the absences of your employees.

There is something else. Have you ever heard about the biometric attendance tracking software with fingerprint?


Recently, the measure “Decreto Concretezza” (Concreteness Decree), wanted by Giulia Bongiorno (Italian lawyer and politician), introduced the fingerprint as the solution against lazy employees that distort the timecard system. The timecard with fingerprint, in fact, represents a new and valuable instrument, which ensures better services for citizens and companies and a better public enterprise management.

There are still some doubts, more legal than technical, about fingerprint reading by attendance tracking software, above all related to the respect of GDPR. The biometric attendance tracking to control the staff attendances consists in a card containing an alphanumeric code, called template, stemmed from the digital fingerprint obtained by an algorithm that saves the main characteristics of the fingerprint, called “minutia”.

The code is securely saved inside the badge, in this way it is not possible to trace back to the original digital fingerprint. Nevertheless, there seems to be at least four main difficulties in the use of the timecard with digital fingerprint:

  • The presence of digital fingerprint to clock in turns slower this activity;
  • Reader machines need to be cleaned often, above all during the rush hours;
  • The use of fingerprints is not easy for everyone;
  • The fingerprint reader, necessary to ensure the use of real fingers and not plastic ones, has high costs and it is difficult to purchase.


How does virtual badge work? What is it possible to do thanks the online badge and which are the pros of an attendance tracking app?

Here a list of advantages:

  • Correct control of staff entries and exits hours, to ensure the systematic respect of them;
  • Concession of schedule changes, as well as of permits or holidays. The staff request can be better managed and, therefore, authorised;
  • Access to all the information concerning the attendances in every moment. This ensures a safe and transparent validation of all data concerning staff entries and exits, protecting both the employees and the company.

The attendance tracking app of HT Apps allows easy and effective control, management and tracking of attendances. Through JO Badge Online you can track the entrance and exit hours of your staff and evaluate their productivity. This app represents an easy control tool for public and private enterprises’ staff. With an easy button for log in/log out on the front-end side, it is possible to report entrance and exit hours directly through the smartphone, as well as the move to another office or possible overtime. Instead, on the back-end side, the employer has a complete picture of the situation inside the company.

Let’s see together the benefits of an attendance tracking app with respect to an electronic badge:

  • Companies save costs linked to the installation of the reader machine for the electronic or digital timecard, as well as for the maintenance costs for software and hardware. In fact, being the app and the software in cloud, it doesn’t need any kind of technical assistance;
  • The problem of lazy employees that distort the timecard system is solved: if before the employee could give his/her attendance card to another colleague, now with the smartphone is not possible anymore.

JO Badge Online uses Wi-Fi and geolocalization technology, it is available for both iOS and Android systems and it can be downloaded from the official Apple and Google stores. However, if you want to use this attendance tracking app, you need to test the software. Contact us and try a demo!

If you are looking for a reliable supplier or a authoritative partner for projects, HT Apps could be the solution for you.

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