JOBY Attendance Tracking App, the handy tool for workers

JOBY Attendance Tracking App of HT Apps helps you to track the movements of your Employees, such as entry/exit hours, and to evaluate their working productivity. This attendance app is a handy tool for workers of both private and public companies. With a simple click on the smartphone, it is possible to clock in and communicate the entry/exit hours and the transfer to other offices.

The attendance tracking app is a simple solution for all types of enterprises, including those with off-site workers or with more than one venue: professional offices, drivers, security, home assistance, construction sites, off-site Employees and much more.

Characteristics and funcionalities

Saving the costs related to the installation of physics clocking in devices, as well as to the support and maintenance of any software and hardware.

Tracking the Employees’ transfers among the different offices of the organisation, in case of companies with multiple venues or construction sites.

Excellent tool for those companies that want to control accurately and effectively their Employees’ movements.

JOBY GPS Attendance Tracking App, for an easy and handy attendance tracking

JOBY Attendance Tracking App, the in cloud attendance tracking app, enables you to easily control your Employees’ entry/exit hours, thanks to the geolocation, which ensure maximum accuracy of place and time related to a specific activity.

By the GPS mode, it is possible to register a workplace and choose a radius within which the Employer can log in. Alternatively, Employers can send their exact position to the platform directly from their app.

The attendance tracker is easy and fast and it does not require expensive equipment. The entry/exit data are automatically sent to dedicated servers and this information can be immediately consulted or exported to an Excel file by the human resources manager or by the person in charge to control and manage the attendances in the company.

The attendance tracking app is available for both iOS and Android devices and downloadable from Apple and Google stores.

JOBY respects privacy

Some people wonder if it is possibile to make their employees use JOBY. The answer is yes: tracking the position of collaborators is allowed for organizational reasons or for recording access and attendance.

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Small Option

For companies with up to 5 Employees


VAT excluded / minimum 3 months

Medium Option

For companies with up to 30 Employees


VAT excluded / minimum 3 months

Large Option

For companies with up to 50 Employees



VAT excluded / minimum 3 months

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Francis Ormond


JOBY Attendance Tracking App has been helping me to manage attendance within my company for almost two years. I requested to insert more detailed personal records for the import on the management software of my accountant to simplify the payroll work and I am happy and satisfied with its operation.

Silver Jules


Finally, a good and economic solution for the problem of attendance management. The app works very well. The front-end side is simple and intuitive, while the back-end side allows me to check the working hours of the Employees, which is positive both for me and for them, for example in case of overtime.

Osho Phillips


The app enabled me to organise and manage accurately and efficiently the work within my company, offering the possibility to set the radius within which Employees can log in. Since I bought the app, I have noticed a clear timesaving, compared to the period when we used the timecard in the company. Above all, I no longer need to contact the assistance for continuous breakdowns or malfunctions.

Laura Parrilla


With JOBY Attendance Tracking App we said goodbye to the old timecard to clock in. The most useful feature is the download of all the Employees’ data in a single file, useful for the labour consultant to prepare the payrolls. Soon we are going to replace the IP mode with the GPS one and we are sure that the attendance tracking of our almost 50 Employees will be even more precise.