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There are many software houses in Italy, and in this article we will discover a selection of the 5 best Italian software houses active in the digital transformation field.

First of all, it is important to know that a software house is a company that produces software on the basis of Customer’s request, following some fundamental steps:

Although all IT services and software houses follow the same production stages, there are different types of software houses, such as large companies that create standard software for a wide audience (Microsoft, SAP AG, Adobe Systems and Apple Inc. ) or companies that make software in SaaS (Software as a Service), that means software distributed without installation and used via the web (Google and Amazon). Not only private companies, but also public administrations gain innumerable advantages from the implementation of IT solutions applied to the organisation and management of the company.

The software houses also differ in application domains, i.e. in sectors in which they operate:


Given the large number of Italian and foreign software houses in the world, it is essential to understand on whom to rely and to recognise the software producers best suited to their needs.


Certainly, one of the first things to evaluate is the experience and the specialisation of the software house that you have chosen in projects similar to the one you want to realise. Studying the different types of projects the company has already dealt with and the information about its software products will help you understand if that software house is right for you.

In addition to the type of experience, in fact, it is also important to evaluate the type of interfaces previously created, on the basis of their ease of use and their aesthetics.


Software development is an activity that requires some specialisation. For this reason, it is important to be sure that those who manage the production phases have the necessary computer skills and are not unprepared.


Before the creation of tailor-made software, an interaction between the client and the supplier is necessary to avoid misunderstandings that lead to functionality different from expectations and other unpleasant situations. Choosing communication professionals is possible even by taking a look at the website of the software house.


Trust is the most difficult parameter to evaluate objectively. Choose who looks serious and reliable, distrusts those who appear superficial and unprofessional from the beginning.


In the ICT sector we have identified the top 5 companies that deal with digital transformation by software and services essential for the digitisation of B2B companies. Here is a list of 5 of the best Italian software houses!


Contech developed Travelkey (Online Reservation – Travel Agency and Tour Operator System), a product for incoming and outgoing operators. The software, intuitive and safe, manages the operations of the companies in the travel sector. With this software it is possible to manage orders and contracts, compile statistics and use the hotel and services search engine, which allows you to manage the various tariff profiles, as well as travel documents and pdf itineraries.


In the world of health, one of the most innovative realities is certainly Afea, the company that is launching on the market the new advanced Clinical Record (H2O) after two year devoted to research and development focused on the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and on User Experience (UX), to build an increasingly evolved digital healthcare.

Afea also deals with consulting for healthcare facilities, after extensive analysis of the organisation and its operating flows, in order to identify any inefficiency or waste for the company. The aim is to design, together with healthcare management, a new operating model suitable for optimising the work of the healthcare facility.


BHuman helps organisations to benefit from digital and internet technologies, developing digital solutions in very different sectors, from publishing industry to public administration, as well as, from advertising to the travel sector.

In particular, the company has twenty years of experience in the field of education and the supply of learning services, and deals with the technical design of solutions for universities, training centres and schools. The software house develops complex portals, with specific functionalities for each training institute, and flexibly integrates existing systems, with the aim of bringing innovation to companies, exploiting emerging technologies.


DBI guides companies towards industry 4.0 and digital transformation, offering strategic consulting on projects related to seismic engineering, industrial automation and much more. The company takes advantage from the power of digital technologies such as blockchains, AI and the Internet of Things, to help companies prosper and create their pathway into the market through digital transformation.

To do that, DBI focuses on strategy, technology and influence. In fact, every transformation project requires a predefined strategy, original software solutions and a communication strategy that turns around influence, to improve the company’s online reputation.


It started in 2004 in agritech field and app development for companies, HT Apps implements for the companies JOBY, the attendance tracking app for collaborators, for the control and management of inputs and outputs, overtime and leaves. The app is also equipped with the GPS mode, which allows off-site workers to send the exact location they are in real-time to the platform, a useful feature for mobile workers.

The platform also offers the possibility of extracting the personal data and details on the working hours of employees to be sent to the accountant’s management system, thus simplifying the management of payrolls.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier or a authoritative partner for projects, HT Apps could be the solution for you.