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When we talk about digital transformation, we also refer to the optimisation and simplification of tools that allow the control and management of workers’ attendance in the companies. For this reason, today we will talk about attendance tracking devices and we will introduce you to JO Badge Online, the solution created by HT Apps.

The efficient and effective organisation of a workplace also includes the management of attendance and the possibility of certifying the hours of entry/exit of the worker. The administrative offices of each company, both public and private, should accurately account for the hours worked by its employees. However, what does this mean for the employer?

First of all, this means properly certifying that the hours of entry/exit of personnel are respected, but also being able to check the variations of schedules, permits and holidays, and having access to all the attendance data at any time.

With a system that records the employees’ attendance in your company, you can obtain a secure and transparent certification of all the entry/exit data of your workers, both to protect them and to ensure that the contractual rules are respected.

Hence, the attendance tracking software, used by the employee to register the entry/exit, is useful for the employer to verify the working hours and to calculate the correct salary. Thus, if an employee breaks the rules, the employer can easily notice it.

Tablets, smartphones and biometric readers (fingerprint readers, retinal scans, and facial recognition) are the most used tools to control and manage the employees’ attendances.

The employers establish the company access rules, therefore, they have the right and the duty to control that everything is in line with the provisions. This control is important above all in specific cases, such as when the employer works in a field office, and it is also useful to monitor the entrance/exit of customers, suppliers or visitors.


Until recently, the employees’ attendance was realised by an electronic attendance tracker, a card linked to the general data of the worker and therefore strictly personal and used by electronic detectors installed within the company. In general, the use of electronic or digital attendance trackers makes it possible to verify exactly who is inside or outside the workplace at a given time. In the case of the electronic tracker, the data collected by the terminals are then entered to a centralized database on a specific server and processed by a software.

The synchronisation of the information tracked within the attendance detection system allows an automatic control over information errors or inconsistencies. In fact, the control system and attendance recording makes the creation of reports possible, improving the production efficiency within the company.


Controlling staff inside construction sites through an attendance tracking app enables to handle and monitor employees’ attendances when they are off-site, in construction sites or in field offices.

Thanks to the geolocation option through GPS, it is possible to manage the clocking in and to plan working hours and relocation to other work places, such as construction sites, offices, clients, constructing authorities, shops and more.

By downloading JO Badge Online on their smartphone, the employees communicate their presence to the in cloud server through the Wi-Fi network of the office, clocking in directly by their phones.

In every moment supervisors can be aware about the geographic position and access/exit hours of their employees, right after they clock in. Supervisors can log in (back-end side) with their credentials and through a user-friendly interface they can export the attendance register and verify statistics.

Thanks to JO Badge Online it is no longer necessary the installation of an entrance device. This technology enables supervisors to know the exact working place in which employees are.

JO Badge Online is the innovative solution to track the attendances and to control off-site employees, such as drivers, surveillance, home assistance, green maintenance and much more.


In the case of digital attendance tracking devices, the control and management of workers’ attendance is further simplified and is advantageous for several reasons:

  • It does not require the purchase of a terminal for "stamping", thus allowing the company to save considerable space and money;
  • You do not need to be in front of the terminal to "stamp" but, being all digital, you should simply download the app from your store and log in and out at the entrance and exit at any time or space within the company;
  • Being on the smartphone of each employee, it is possible to avoid exchanges and unlawful favours between employees. In fact, it is not possible to log in with credentials other than the personal ones on your phone, not without having asked for the administrator's support.


JO Badge Online is the attendance app created by HT Apps to offer companies a modern and digital alternative to the classic electronic tracking devices. The app, available for both Android and iOS, has a simple and functional interface, with a single button that allows employees to login and log out with a click and giving the administrative office of a company the following possibilities:

  • Data processing on a daily or periodic basis even in real time;
  • Management of worked hours;
  • Data export and printing;
  • Archiving database.

Moreover, JO Badge Online gives the possibility to indicate the temporary transfer of employees to other locations or any additional or extraordinary shifts, allowing administrators to know the ID address from which the user has logged in, in case the company has multiple locations or offices. The system, in fact, works with a fixed ID address, even if alternative solutions are being implemented to use the app through geolocation, to allow the management of workers’ entry/exit also in construction sites or in places where the IP address or the internet connection is not available, together with the use of digital fingerprint attendance trackers.

If you are thinking of adopting an attendance app in your company and you want to learn more about JO Badge Online and all our products, please contact us through the contact form.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier or a authoritative partner for projects, HT Apps could be the solution for you.

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